Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

The clinical trials for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine have enrolled over 30,000 participants, of which 37% come from racial and ethnic minorities. Pfizer’s trials enrolled over 44,000 participants, of which 42% come from racial and ethnic minorities.
The reason it seems rushed (took less time than normal) is that too many people were dying of COVID daily. The government pooled money and resources to respond to that as fast as they could. They did NOT skip steps. They just put the money behind making it happen faster.

According to CDC, the immune response to COVID is temporary (approximately 90 days). You can still get the virus and since there are strong variants in our community, risks are higher of more sever symptoms.

The risk of death or long term effects from COVID-19 infection are MUCH greater than any observed vaccine side effects.

The virus is still out there and the danger of becoming very sick increase with the newer variants. The new, stronger variants are present in Douglas County especially among young people.